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Laminate flooring offers a wood or tile look

Laminate is a durable and environmentally-friendly flooring that provides an upscale look at a cost-effective price. This floor covering looks like wood planks and ceramic or stone tile. It is sometimes more practical for a particular room than the material it mimics. It comes in a variety of textures and designs, and it is easy to clean and maintain. SJ FloorSolutions LLC offers laminate in Carrollton, Texas, and much more. You can visit our showroom and talk to our design consultants about flooring, indoor and outdoor countertops, fireplaces, showers, and patios.

Flooring characteristics

Laminate is composed of a particleboard wood base, a design layer, and a transparent wear layer that protects the design layer. Because of its wood composition, this flooring is warm underfoot. Since the top layer is what determines the durability, it is best to choose a brand that features a 10+ year wear layer warranty. Planks and tiles are scratch and scuff resistant as well as dent and impact resistant. Also, flooring does not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight. Since it is heat resistant, it can be installed in front of a fireplace or over a radiant heating system. Even the worst stains, like coffee, lipstick, or marker, can be easily removed.


Pet and child-friendly laminate flooring is usually installed with a no-glue locking system that allows planks and tiles to be connected to float over the subfloor. Standard laminate can be placed in any space that is not prone to excessive moisture. It can be installed on some existing floors and concrete. A foam-type underlayment provides cushioning underfoot as well as support for the flooring. A moisture and vapor barrier should be used in basements. Waterproof brands may include a non-absorbent core or use a sealer on all edges. A typical warranty guarantees protection from liquid spills for up to 30 hours.

SJ FloorSolutions LLC serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have many satisfied customers in Tyler, Irving, Carrollton, and other area communities. We have been in business for decades, so we know our stuff. Our design consultants are friendly and helpful, and our installers are experienced pros who are certified and insured. We can repair existing floors as well as lay new flooring. If you are looking for laminate in Carrollton, TX, visit us, give a call or use our online form to contact us. Estimates are always free.