Yes, you can, because luxury vinyl flooring follows all current industry trends.  Right now, any shade of gray wood floors is trending, mainly since it works so well with another trend, the farmhouse-style kitchen. You can also get marble look floors combined with a glass tile shower for a bath reminiscent of an upscale spa.  If a tile look is your desire, you can get a wide assortment of vibrant colors and patterns that work anywhere, from the retro-style kitchen to the fun and colorful child's playroom.

What exactly is luxury vinyl flooring?

If you haven’t seen vinyl flooring in a while, you will be very pleasantly surprised.  Luxury vinyl includes designs that are inspired by nature, and images of wood, stone, and tile are taken with 3D photography.  You will see knots, grains, wormholes, swirls, and veining variations. Colors and patterns will pop.  Moreover, micro beveling and embossing add depth, dimension, and textured features, the latter being also a hot trend.

The material is cut into strips and mounted boards to mimic hardwood planks, called vinyl plank flooring, to add even more to the realism.  It can also be cut into square tile-sized pieces to echo stone or tile.  Some even take it further by using grout with the tiles, called LVT flooring.

Waterproof flooring durability

LVF can be 100% waterproof and, while all vinyl is strong, true LVF should be at least 8-mm thick. If you choose plank, you may want to go as high as 12-mm to get that authentic hard surface feeling. All vinyl has a wear layer that protects the floor from scratches and scuff.  The wear layer is the top, transparent, tough coating that protects the floor from scratches and scuffs; this should measure 20-mils.

Like all vinyl, LVF is easy to care for.  Sweep daily and mop weekly with a manufacturer-approved cleaner.  Installation can be a fast, uncomplicated floating floor that is click, mat, and hover.

When we install your luxury vinyl flooring, we’ll be sure the subfloor is clean, debris-free, and level, so no imperfections will telegraph through to the surface. To learn more, come into the SJ FloorSolutions LLC showroom in Carrollton, TX, serving areas near Carrollton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, and Irving.  Be sure to get your free luxury vinyl flooring estimate.